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Friday, May 26, 2006

Earn money with Your Website

ImportantAds-this is an expanding PPC network. Place targeted contextual ads on your web-site and get paid on a pay-per-click basis. Use your preffered type of payment.

Clicksor-Contextual Advertising Technology by Clicksor™ allows online visitors to enjoy the content of the website and bring generous earnings to webmasters at the same time. Clicksor will pay webmasters up to 85% of the advertising revenues to place contextual ads on their websites or blogs. Payments are based on a net 15 terms on a bi-weekly schedule. Webmasters can select from a wide range of decent media such as Text banners, Graphical banners, Pop-Under advertisements, Search box, Contextual inline links, Layer ads and XML feed to host on their websites or blogs. It's a Paypal related sponsor ($20 is min. payout). You can also receive Your payments by check ($50 is min. payout).

BidVertiser-Place the BidVertiser text ads on your website and make money online by getting paid for every click.

Umaxlogin-UmaxLogin is a Pay-Per-Click system that has the most relevant results at the highest bids in the industry. Partnership with UmaxLogin provides you with stable income while improving the content of your sites. UmaxLogin provides numerous tools to help you integrate search results on your website and optimize it to get the maximum out of your traffic and help you build a stronger user base. UmaxLogin generates highest revenues paying 70% rev-share with no hold biweekly. $100 is minimum payout. This sponsor is Paypal related.

FunPPC-a popular pay-per-click search engine. Pays from $0.01 to $20 per click. Choose your payment method using Wire, WebMoney, Finex or Fethard. You can buy SE traffic from FunPPC as well. Minimum payout starts from $100.

XMLCash-relatively new pay-per-click search engine: 80-90% partnership, 5% referral program, weekly payments using your preffered payment method.

Earn money through Custom Builds-A 'custom build' of a program is a special edition you can offer for download on your site, and which has your affiliate information built into it. This means that when the user clicks 'register' or 'purchase' in that edition of the program, he/she will go directly to the order page using your unique affiliate ID, making sure you receive the commission for the sale this user generates.

Google Adsense-Earn money while displaying targeted advertisements on your Website. When visitors click on these ads, Google pays you. Along with targeted advertising for your content pages, you can add a Google search box to your site and show targeted ads on search results pages.

MIVA Website Monetization-Customised solutions to monetise website traffic, such as: pay-per-click advertising, add a Web search engine to your site and earn revenue from every click, earn revenue from users leaving your site.

ExpoActive-This is a classical PPC sponsor. Place targeted contexual or graphical ads on your web-site and get paid for clicks, get revenue from your refferals' activity as well. You can fully control and modify the type and format of your ads. I should say that this sponsor is very reliable. It does not verify all the web-sites, first you have to apply for your account, then your web-resource will be reviewed, the quality of your traffic should be analyzed, and you'll be contacted. receive 60% of what advertisers pay RevenuePilot per click. A variety of linking methods is available, including text links, banners, search boxes, javascript feed, dynamic banners, etc.

TargetPoint-is a widely-spread pay-per-click and pay-per-search sponsor. Targetpoint is a technology leader focused on delivering targeted sponsored information. Targetpoint enables every publisher to maximize revenue from their traffic in a way that enriches the user experience and benefits the users with relevant information. Targetpoint also enables agencies and pay-per-click search engines ("PPSE") to expand their reach and present their ads in the most appropriate location. Targetpoint generates revenue by delivering relevant, cost-effective, online advertising. Targetpoint is very flexible in its services. Webmaster can choose to sign up for Adpoint, exitpoint, imagepoint or underpoint or for all of them at once. These services represent targeted contextual, link, banner or pop-up advertising respectively. As You may see this particular sponsor is very flexible and and it gives an ability to choose the way of advertising that fits Your online business and web-site structure more. text links, search boxes, full-page ad portals or banners to your site and earn $0.01-$0.08 per search through target words.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Earn Money through Affiliate programs organized directory of affiliate programs, organized by category. selling Inkjet cartridges, photo paper, cables, toner and other printer-related goods. Earn 27% commission on each sale you generate through a banner or text link on your site. posters on your Website, earn 25% commission on each poster you sell. is an online store specialized in selling books, CDs, DVDs and Videos. When a visitor of your site purchases an item from through a link on your site, you will receive a fee of between 5% and 15% of the purchase price.

Become a TreePad Affiliate and earn NOW!-As a TreePad affiliate you can earn 25% commissions on any sales you make!
Grateful to all TreePad users, who have been TreePad's best advertisers, we are now happy to offer you this excellent possibility of earning money. Sign up is free and open to anyone interested.

ClixGalore-Build your own affiliate program and boost your sales, leads and website traffic by promoting and building your own large 'pay for performance' sales team.

Commission Junction-Over 1000 advertisement programs to choose from. Real-time tracking, reporting and analysis of impressions, get paid monthly by check, etc.

eBay-Online auction house. Earn $5 for each new client who signs up with eBay, earn $0.05 for each bidder at eBay. Also: eBay affiliate University for improving your performance. Limitation: US based affiliates only at this time. recruiting company. Pays $ 20-30 USD for each referred sale.

iPowerWeb-Webhosting company. Receive $65 (Tier 1) and $5 (Tier 2) in commission for every new customer.

LunarPages Webhosting-Webhosting company. Earn $52.00 for each new customer (Tier 1) and $ 5 (tear 2). products and earn commissions as a PayDotCom affiliate. It’s PayPal-related.